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May 7–13, 2023

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Hosted by ila

Sunday May 7, 11 am MST

Come play bingo with us as we explore the diversity and wonder of amphibians in our very first Amphibian Week panel! You’ll be able to grab a digital bingo card and have fun guessing “what’s that amphibian?” with everyone else in the comments.

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A Look at Amphibian Metamorphosis

Hosted by remarkablefrog_allisonb

Sunday May 7, 2 pm MST

Learn about commonalities and differences in how frogs, salamanders, and caecilians develop and grow into adults. While there are shared traits that make all amphibians 'amphibious', they exhibit a wide range of developmental modes for us to explore!

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Weird & Wondrous Frogs

Hosted by sailorfrogz

Monday May 8, 5pm MST

Explore a handful of unusual frogs from around the world in this visual slide presentation. From nightmarish frogs that resemble a werewolf to ones that can't land their jumps — we'll cover origin, appearance, behavior + even mating calls. Feel free to hop in and ask questions!

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Let's Make Jumping Frog Origami

Hosted by sailorfrogz

Monday May 8, 5:30 pm MST

Bring your favorite paper or cardstock as we go step-by-step to create adorable origami frogs that hop! Googly eyes optional.

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Let's make a froggy video game

Hosted by Nardo

Tuesday May 9, 5 pm MST

Learn about video game making with Nardo! We’ll use minimal coding and introduce game development in a beginner and artist-friendly way. Download unity if you’d like to follow along.

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of the Appalachians

Hosted by YTC

Wednesday May 10, 12 pm MST

A deeper dive into the mysterious and beautiful slimy creatures of central Appalachia, along with folklore and etymology associated with them.

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Atelopus Survival Initiative

Hosted by Luis Marin Fonte

Thursday May 11, 12 pm MST

Learn about this collaborative effort to conserve harlequin toads, the jewels of the forests in the Neotropics.

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Finding a Best Friend: Pet Amphibians

Hosted by Tay of Tay’s Exotic Critters Rescue

Friday May 12, 12 pm MST

Keeping amphibians may seem daunting, but this panel is here to help you decide which pet is right for you and set you on a path to responsible research and keeping! Hosted by Tay Shoemaker of Tay’s Exotic Critter Rescue

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Amphibian Cam with Blumby!

Hosted by Sgt. Kero

Friday May 12, 6:45 pm MST

Blumby is a White's Tree Frog. He is a male, will be 3 years old in July, and a bit of a diva.

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Tadpole School: Raising an Army

Hosted by The Frog Wrangler

Saturday May 13, 10 am MST

Join the Frog Wrangler as she recounts her first adventure in breeding and raising amazon milk frogs from egg to froglet. Learn about the life cycle of frogs and the highs and lows of raising a tiny squishy army. And of course bonus frog cam full of tiny foolish frog babies!

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Special Announcement!

Hosted by ila

Saturday May 13, 1  pm MST

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